Posters And Banners of Nelson Mandela Around Cape TownIt snowed an even keel today in Chicago. I saw snow flakes with their intricate designs. It always amazes me to see the way they are designed. So beautiful. Evidence of the design of the universe. They say no two snow flakes are the same. I wonder if that is the same with world leaders. Will there ever be another Nelson Mandela or a Martin Lither King, Jr? Or what about dictators? Will there ever be another Hussein or Hitler? Makes you wonder. There always seems to be a new dictator with a new regime that sprouts up when we finally get rid of the current one. I want to commemorate this post to the late Nelson Mandela, who gave his life to the freedom of South Africa, and in the process showed the world the possibility of Freedom. How awesome is that? To serve your purpose in the world like that? I know that he is irreplaceable and there will be no one else like Nelson Mandela, but the possibility of what he stood for will live on forever.

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