Not any ordinary Sunday

I went to see my friend at the ICU this Sunday. Things didn’t look good but she looked great. Her cervical cancer came back at full force within a matter of days. She said never would she have imagined being where she was at a week ago. She joked around saying she’s at the spa while laying in her bed. She remembered the first time we met. I hosted an introduction to the Landmark Forum at my house and she was the Introduction Leader who led it. It was a very interesting night. I was so nervous to have my friends there to take a look at what was important to them in their lives. It was not a common conversation to have with a complete stranger, and that’s who she was for them that night when we first started. But she was so related. She was really great with my friends. So I acknowledged her for making huge difference with my friends that night. She got my acknowledgement. Carmensita, I love and adore you. Thank you for your heart.

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