I am out at sea right now somewhere in between Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico. We just left Grand Caymen a couple of hours ago, and boy is it rocky out. I am on the verge of getting sea sick. We swam with the sting rays today. I admit I was a bit nervous. I had never been that close to one, let alone a handful of them. It was an interesting experience. Being on a boat is an interesting experience. It feels like you are on a floating hotel, which these cruise ships essentially are. We stopped for one day at Montego Bay, Jamaica yesteray and spent it at Doctor’s Cave Beach. The water was absolutely beautiful and clear. It was almost surreal. Then we got hounded by a dozen bus drivers offering to take us back to the port. Man, Jamaicans are aggressive with tourists. The info video on board warned us that if you make eye contact with a street vendor or a crafts vendor, you have made a friend for life. I wore my big sunglasses, so I had a safety shield with making any eye contact. I am such a succer for for talking to natives whereover I go. It gets me into trouble all the time.

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