ParisMy heart goes out to those families who have lost their loved ones in the Paris attacks. I have seen the French flag color profiles and solidarity on the news and on Facebook. I have also seen the backlash of people speaking out against other unspeakable acts of terror in other parts of the world and why such a sudden focus on France when this happens regularly in the Middle East and Africa? Well I’d have to say that in this case I truly believe we are a global community and we either think of ourselves as one unified human race or separated by our beliefs, religion, etc. There is no middle ground and it is too crucial a time to be wishy washy. You cannot fight darkness with darkness.  If we continue to be a beacon of Light for the world and stand up for the injustice I truly believe (I have to believe) that is worth fighting for and we can turn this world around. You can only eliminate darkness by turning on the Light.


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