32522954-1d6f-4dae-b707-525ee1ee9cd8It seems like I’ve only been posting about dead musicians lately. It’s a bit depressing, I know – but I need to express myself. I wasn’t an exorbitant Prince fan. However, I highly respected him – what he stood for and his musical brilliance. Here’s an interesting quote I found on Facebook from one of his songs.




It states,

“While the helicopter circles us,
this theory’s getting deep, Think
they’re spraying chemicals over
the city while we sleep?

From now on I’m staying’ awake,
you can call me a dreamer too,
wake up, wake up.

They say he died with complications of the flu. But maybe perhaps it was something else. I don’t want to get into conspiracy theories here, but I wanted to acknowledge it as food for thought. May he rest in peace.

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