The Best Weekend Ever

I had one of the best weekends this summer and I wanted to share it before this upcoming weekend begins. I met up with my friend, Mike at North Avenue Beach to to watch Gary Sinis’ band play. I thought he was going to be the front man, but it turns out the he is the bass guitar player, and his band was pretty much a cover band – I was expecting some original music, but no luck there. It was entertaining, nonetheless. And Bill Murray was in the audience signing autographs.

Then Mike and I went to meet with our friend Leticia at Summer Dance, which is a series of dance events here in Chicago. Friday night happened to be salsa night, so everyone was shaking there hips to some sexy salsa music. They had a live band playing at the Spirit of Dance Garden in Grant Park. It was one of those perfect evenings, not too hot, not too cold. Beautiful people everywhere – and great company. Then me, Mike and Leticia went to Navy Pier to have dinner outside.

Leticia went home and our friend Anna joined us to hang out at Mike’s house to watch “Volver” by Pedro Almodovar (one of my favorite film directors). It was great, but I did not like the ending very much, and neither did Anna or Mike. We ended up sleeping at Mike’s place because it got pretty late. Mike has the best place in Wrigleyville. It’s literally right by the stadium, buy it is on a very discreet street. He lives on the second floor and he’s got a great attic sleeping space that is very Zen. Or at least I think so.

The next morning, Mike made Anna and I breakfast. HE made awesome blueberry pancakes, and we sat out on his private deck. The deck was secluded, covered with tree branches, and it was very serene. I could have sat there for hours. Mike, I am crossing my fingers that you don’t move, your place is a sanctuary.

Then, we went to North Avenue beach and watched the Air and Water Show. It was the most packed I had ever seen a beach in Chicago. I felt like I was on vacation as a tourist in my own city. Mike and I walked through the outskirts of Lincoln Park Zoo to get to North Avenue beach – and most of the places I don’t remember ever walking through. Isn’t that a great experience? Walking through your own city, a place you have lived in for most, if not all of your life, and finding those hidden places that you have never seen before? I felt like a kid.

And then my friend Josh joined us at the beach, and we just laid out in the sun and had really great conversations.

And then I went to the Kabbalah Center to go to a soul mate connection party. We meditated with the entire group and had a blast. It was great to be amidst people who possess such great energy – the type of energy you always want to be around. I loved it!

The next day was my sister’s birthday. She turned 14. I was back again at Navy Pier with my sister, my mom, and my sister’s friend. After lunch, we went to see a movie. And then I went off to my Wisdom course group gathering that is held every Sunday afternoon and laughed the entire time with my group, while I collaged my new reality – I am soooo into collageing nowadays, it’s not even funny…actually, it’s quite funny and goofy – to find a lot about yourself through images your collect and put together on a piece of paper.

So to end this blog post, I will say that the rest of the week after that weekend was absolutely delicious. I suggest you try it out – getting excited about the simple things and looking at the world through new eyes.

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Mike at North Avenue Beach.

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