The Paradox of Life

I went to my friend, Bustamente’s funeral on Saturday. He passed away in his sleep a few days ago after spending the evening with his wife and children who were visiting from out of town. He was 58 years old. It was completely unexpected. My mother sang the Ave Marie during the service in church. I was lost in my mother’s voice. I was so moved.

Then I went to my friend, Shena’s wedding downtown at the 4th Presbyterian Church of Chicago. It was a beautiful service and Shena looked incredible in her wedding dress. It was a very pristine space in the church during the ceremony. Then I heard car horns and shouting outside. The protest regarding the Prop 8 marriage equality movement trickled into Michigan Avenue as the wedding ceremony came to an end. All the guests went outside for the grand exit of the newly married couple. We found ourselves amidst protest banners and rainbow flags outside of the church on Michigan Avenue. I turned to my friend Ricky and said, “isn’t life a big paradox?”

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