Things are swell.

I am getting to know so many great new people in my class at LM. It’s just been so amazing. I feel like I am in college all over again. It’s a great feeling. Gosh, I really don’t want it to end.

What I am really getting out of my participation in this class is that I focus too much on getting things right. When, really, there is nothing to get right. I think people just do things out of other people’s expectations of them, which is fine. But now I can actually catch myself when I start doing it, getting things right with people, that is.

On another note, I took on a bigger leadership role with Youth Technology Corps as their Chairman for the Programs Committee. That means that I will actually be working with the leaders of each of YTC’s programs, developing them and addressing any issues or concerns that the people involved with them might have. I get to work with some phenomenal people on this new role. The best thing about it is I get to make a difference in young peoples’ lives, and that, as they say in the the Visa credit card commercials, is PRICELESS…

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