We make beautiful music together

Here are the very first two songs I’ve ever written with my friend Mary. We had gotten together and formed a band called Heshvan, which means the month of Scorpio in Hebrew. It was a play on words because we both had very strong Scorpio in our astrological charts. Later on, my friend David, who is also known as the singer/song-writer Manakin sang the vocals for both songs. The first song is named “Diamond in the Rough”. It has a sad context because it is about our good friend’s mother who committed suicide. We wanted to commemorate her love in a song so we wrote it for her. The other song is called “Young Roads” which is about looking back at old times when we were young and crazy and thought we’d live forever. Both songs are very special to me and will be released in the upcoming Manifest Project album as well as the new Manakin album called “Revelations”.



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