What gifts have you shared?

Last night I watched “The Last Airbender” again as the movie for our movie night. I have seen it several times before and am always so inspired by it. The underlying theme and message of the movie is that you are responsible for the power you have. Furthermore, you do not share your God given gifts with other people and the world, you have not done what you are here for. Interesting thing about this movie is the influence of Asian Culture, from the emphasis on the elements (air, water, earth and fire), to it’s martial arts scenes. Here’s a description I got from the avatar wikia:

“Avatar: The Last Airbender is conceptually influenced by the many different real-world cultures of the Pacific Rim. It is primarily influenced by East Asian cultures, as well as South Asian and Indigenous cultures, with contemporary American storytelling tropes interspersed throughout.”

The Last Airbender
The Last Airbender

In the movie, Aang the main character is torn by the responsibility he has of being the Avatar to unite the different tribes and to stop the ensuing forces of the Fire Nation who wants to take over the rest of the tribes.  He overcomes this by letting his emotions be and accepting what has happened in the past to move forward in the present.  It’s a pretty simple story plot that I think anyone can relate to.  We all have our own demons that we aren’t willing to face, which stops us from getting what we really want.  Sometimes it’s so hidden from our view that it’s a slap in the face if and when it ever is revealed to us.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is spiritual and believes in things unseen that are part of what makes this universe work.

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