Who do you think you are?

Someone I spoke with today was dealing with a physical issue regarding her teeth, and she was really down about having to do what her dentist advised her to do. What I got out of the conversation with her was how self absorbed I get about my physical condition – how I look, my weight, my height, my hair, etc. – and how I sometimes associate my looks, my body, as who I really am – when really, it’s just the shell. If you were to cut me open you wouldn’t find ME. And it gets really distracting sometimes. Like sometimes I am too busy paying attention to how I look that I miss out on being fully present with someone I really care about. Where do you think you miss out when you have your attention on yourself?

I am attaching a really great photo I took when I was walking along the lake front this weekend. It’s a golf course right on the lake – and the way the sun was hitting the trees was spectacular, almost haunting. It was one of those moments when I really got present to the Divine. I hope you enjoy the photo.

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