Happy Lunar New Year! You might have already been feeling it, but the theme and energy of this year’s Year of the Metal Ox is a slow and steady energy, hence “slow and steady wins the race”. It’s all about focus, hard work and rebuilding. Keep your eyes on the prize! We should also be mindful of how we communicate this year. The metal element in Feng Shui is all about communication. So make sure you choose your words carefully, speak your truth and keep your ears open. Like John Maxwell said on his book title (great book), everyone communicates, few connect

You can learn more about the Year of the Ox on my YouTube video with my friend and Feng Shui Consultant, Robin Shapiro. Click to view the video below. 


You can also learn about the deeper meaning behind the exchange of red envelopes during special occasions such as new year and weddings. Like many things that we may take for granted, there are deeper more significant meanings from ancient practices, and red envelopes is one of them. Click the video below to learn more. 


Thanks to Lauri Pawli for guidance regarding the energies of the Year of the Metal Ox. You can check her websites out at: createthefeeling.com and the The Feng Shui School of Chicago

You can learn more about the Lunar New Year by visiting our website




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