Yehuda Berg in Chicago

Yehuda Berg will be signing his new book “The Power to Change Everything” and giving a lecture at Borders Bookstore, 150 North State St, starting at 12:30PM.

According to Yehuda Berg, the world has reached a turning point in history. Our short-term thinking and lack of awareness of personal power is wreaking havoc on the planet. In his latest book, The Power to Change Everything, Yehuda advocates that everything in our life, and our world, is created by our consciousness, even if we aren’t always aware of the bigger picture.

In his talk, Yehuda will discuss the problematic areas of politics, religion, environment, and economy, and point out our most common and collective blind spots. He’ll challenge us towards self-empowerment, which will ultimately make for a genuinely fulfilling life. Drawing from the context of current events, personal experience, and old parables, in a controversial brew he makes the case that we ourselves created the suffering that exists in this world.

And we can change it.

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